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Video Genome

Efficient video representation, search, alignment, and copy detection using bioinformatics algorithms

Metric learning

Metric learning and similarity-preserving hashing, multimodal similarity learning.

Symmetry, self-similarity, and structure

Full and partial intrinsic symmetry and structure detection in non-rigid shapes

Feature-based shape analysis

Bags of geometric words and expressions for deformation- and topology-invariant shape retrieval in Internet-scale databases.

Topology-invariant shape matching

Similarity and correspondence of shapes with different topology.

Non-rigid shape matching

Deformation-invariant similarity and correspondence of non-rigid objects, metric models of shapes, Gromov-Hausdorff distance.

Partial similarity of objects

Partial similarity and correspondence of different objects, such as rigid and non-rigid shapes, images and text sequences.

Expression-invariant face recognition

Three-dimensional face recognition based on expression-invariant intrinsic geometric properties.

Animation and texture mapping

Texture mapping between non-rigid shapes, morphing and animation, shape spaces and calculus of non-rigid shapes.

Geodesic distance computation

Efficient parallel algorithms for computation of geodesic distances on manifolds.

MDS and manifold learning

Efficient methods for multidimensional scaling, non-linear dimensionality reduction and manifold learning.

3D acquisition

Three-dimensional surface acquisition and reconstruction.

Blind source separation and deconvolution

Using sparse representations for blind source separation and deconvolution.

Medical image reconstruction

Inverse problems and image reconstruction in medical imaging.