Activities & Events


Workshops / Seminars

  • Together with prof. Bertil Cottier and Marcello Baggi I held a Webinar on "DICE 2: Discuss your Digital Copyright Issues in Education with a Legal Expert" organised by
  • Together with prof. Bertil Cottier I held a Webinar on "DICE 1: A Methodology to approach Digital Copyright in Education" organised by
  • I attended a Workshop on Mobile & Social Learning (Winterthur - Center for Education and New Learning of the ZHAW; by Prof. Dr. Andreas König, 22nd June 2011)
  • I presented my research on "Wireless Communities – Understanding Motivations for Participation" at EpiDay 2011 (3rd USI-Com Young Scholars Research Day, May 2011)
  • I co-organized the DICE Workshop at USI about "Il diritto d’autore nell’insegnamento" (Lugano, December 2010)
  • I participated at the DICE Workshop at university of Geneva on the topic "Le droit d’auteur dans le contexte de l’enseignement" (Geneva, November 2010)
  • I presented a poster about my research on "Understanding Motivations of Wireless Community Members" at EpiDay 2010 (2nd USI-Com Young Scholars Research Day, May 2010)

PhD Courses

  • Research policy and proposal writing (by Benedetto Lepori; Sep - Nov 2011)
  • Causal Modeling in the Social Science. An introduction into logical foundations of quantitative research. (by prof. Peter Schulz; June 2011)
  • Academic Teaching (by Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni; Nov – Dec 2010)

Summer School

15th Summer School on Advanced Methods in the Social Sciences 2011 (Lugano)

  • Statistics with SPSS for Social Scientists (by Eugene Horber)
  • Ethnographic Methods (by Karen O’Reilly)