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About Me

I grew up in the German-speaking part of Switzerland (Zürich) and moved to Lugano in 1998 in order to study Communication Sciences. In 2002 I graduated with a major in Communication Technologies.
I then worked for several years in the communication and IT field of an important steel trading company (Duferco SA), where I was responsible for the company’s Intranet, worked on Oracle Applications and was in charge of designing and teaching internal, IT-related courses.
In the same period I founded a family (with Leonardo Picco) and am now a proud mother of two 2 boys: Aaron (2006) and Kian (2008).
In January 2010 I started working as a Junior Researcher at the NewMinE Lab (New Media in Education Laboratory) and since May 2010 I am enrolled as a PhD Student at the Communication Sciences Department of the Università della Svizzera italiana (Lugano, Switzerland), under the supervision of prof. Lorenzo Cantoni.

I am currently involved in two research projects: Mobile UniApp (phase 2), which wants to create a standard framework for mobile apps of Swiss universities in order to save resources and accelerate the development and rollout of such apps and DICE, which studies digital copyrights for eLearning in Switzerland. Until December 2011 I was involved in the research project Wi-Com, which aims at understanding motivations of wireless communities members (e.g. FON)